Dance of Muses

A new original Board Game

Dance of Muses box mockup

Dance of Muses is a pure strategy Board Game for everyone, from new players to expert chess enthusiasts.

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How to Play

1. Make a dance step

Dance of Muses Movements
  • Everytime a Muse performs a dance step, the value of the die on them increases.

  • You can move a single Muse or a group of Muses. If you make a "group move", raise the dice of all the Muses involved.

  • Muses must always hold hands! You cannot make a move that isolate one or more Muses.

2. Use the abilities of the Muses

Dance of Muses Abilities
  • Use the abilities of the Muses to control the value of the dice you need to win.

  • Some Muses can raise the value of an adjacent die, some others can lower it, some can swap the value of the die on them with another.

  • The abilities can only be applied on dice within the highlighted zones, before or after the dance step.

3. End of the game and scoring

  • The game ends as soon as the die on a Muse reaches the value 6.

  • The die on each Muse who has executed the Will of Apollo (keeping its die on the indicated value) automatically becomes a 6.

  • Compare your dice with other players and find out who did the best dance!

Full 5 minutes game with the designers

inside the box

  • 9 Muses cards
  • 12 Dice in different colors
  • Rules booklet in english & italiano
  • Digital rules in french, spanish, and german.
  • Print&Play digital version
  • 2 - 4 PLAYERS
  • 14+ AGE
  • 25 MINUTES

During the Kickstarter campaign enhanced versions will be available, and Stretch goals can improve the overall quality of the game.

Game Trailer and Tutorial

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Launching soon

Game Previews

"Nice abstract game with a matching theme where you can assess the impact of your moves from the very opening. Love the art.
The designers did a great job and Space Otter nailed it on the editorial side. This is how this game was meant to be.
Looking forward to getting my copy!"

Leonardo Alese, Tablescope Games

"Dance of Muses is a really nice game. The cards really seems to dance while you play.
You will play with it many times during the same evening without getting bored."

Simone, a playtester

"It's a very strategic game where you have to focus on what you can do, and you have to play it several times before you can handle all the powers, all the strategies, all the things that you can do."

Livio, a playtester

"It is a simple game, but you need to develop a deep strategy to win the match!"

Marco, a playtester

"We’re talking about a decidedly abstract title that, depending on how it is played, can reach really remarkable levels of complexity. What made me sit at the table was the art... when I got up, however, I had the feeling that I just played a game that can really engage anyone, from families to chess players."

Alexander Quarella, GDT Live

From the Playtesters

"I tried the prototype and the game mechanics perfectly match the setting. Love it!"

Heris91 (on BoardgameGeek)

"This game offers a lot with so few components!"

Qualith (on BoardgameGeek)

"I like the design of the cards very much. The layout and icons are very clear, and the muses artwork is gorgeous."

Karin S. (on BoardgameGeek)

"There are enough variations and each game may feel a little bit different. As of this point of view, the game design is pretty good!"

Marek Kolcun (on BoardgameGeek)

The team

Marco Baglioni

Marco Baglioni

Game Design

David Trambusti

David Trambusti

Game Design

Marco Baglioni

Sara Marino


Marco Baglioni

Beatrice Lenzi

Layout Design

Giulia D'Urso

Giulia D'Urso

Art Director

Francis Green

Francis Green

Editor & Publisher

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Launching soon


  • When the campaign will begin?

We'll launch the Kickstarter campaign for Dance of Muses on April 23 2024!

  • When the game will be released?

We are optimistic to deliver the game to all backers worldwide within the first half of 2025.

  • How the game plays like?

Dance of Muses uses the mechanics of Tile placement, Tile movement and Dice placement to deliver a brand new gaming experience. Similar games can be Ravensburger's Labyrinth, Carcassone, Kingdomino, Kingsburg, Roll for the galaxy, Formula Dé...

  • In which languages will the game be translated?

Dance of Muses is language independent, meaning that there is no text to read on the game components.
The rulebook will be included in the box in English and Italian.
Downloadable digital rules will be available in German, French, Spanish and Greek.

  • Will I be able to play the game?

Dance of Muses is a very simple game with few rules. You can learn it in minutes, and play it forever, since the strategies are profound. It's "easy to learn, hard to master", like many classic games as Chess or Checkers.
It's perfect for new players of all ages, wonderful to play in the family, and will also accomodate more demanding players like expert chess enthusiasts.

  • How can I support the Kickstarter campaign?
Very simple: Sign up with your email address and we'll make sure to notify you as soon as our campaign is released on Kickstarter. Once our campaign is live, we count on your support to make this incredible game a reality!
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Signing up to our Newsletter gives you immediate access to our private Facebook Group, where you can access early news and communications, backstage, work in progress, community polls, ask questions directly to us, and much more.
You will also receive the link to play Dance of Muses on Tabletop Simulator through Steam.
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